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Annual Meeting Highlights

PLEASE NOTE:   This page, and the individual Annual Meeting pages linked below, are currently best displayed with the Opera web browser.
In the period since this section was originally created, browsers and plug-ins have changed, supposedly for the better.  However, the result is that the playback of the audio tracks from the Annual Meeting presentations is unsatisfactory.  No playback occurs with the Safari browser because a QuickTime plug-in is no longer available. 

Playback does occur with the Chrome browser, but the browser doesn't respond to the existing HTML coding which is set to prevent autoplaying of the tracks, and all the tracks play simultaneously, resulting in a cacophony.  Unfortunately, the HTML code for displaying the controls doesn'twork here either, and you can't pause the individusal sound tracks.

The semi-good news is that the Firefox browser will properly display the controls. Unfortunately, the autoplay command is ineffective and, again, all the tracks play at once.  But because the control command does work, you can pause each displayed track and then select the track you want to play.
The Opera web browser loads all the tracks, the controls are displayed, and the autoplay and autostart controls are properly recognized as being turned off in the HTML coding.  The result is that, with this browser, the page responds as originally designed and provides an audio history of the event.

2015 - (in progress)
          -  Sights  &  sounds  from  the  April  14,  2015,  Annual  Meeting.

2014 - (in progress)

2013 - (in progress)

2012 - (in progress)

2011 - (in progress) 
          -  Sights  &  sounds  from  the  April  27,  2011,  Annual  Meeting.
          -  Download a Draft of the Minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting

2010 - (in progress)

2009 - (in progress)
          -  Sights and Sounds from the April 14, 2009, Annual Meeting.

2008 - (in progress)

2007 - Notes and Pictures from the April 10, 2007, Annual Meeting.

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