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(Contributed by Perry Holcomb>, 12/12/2016)
Good Experience with Medigap Provider

For 2016, I had a Medigap policy provider, Plan F, who provided relatively low policy premiums and the best customer service I've ever encountered. It's Transamerica Life Insurance Co. headquartered in Cedar Rapids, IA, which has a Best rating of A+.

Transamerica has its own, in-house customer service. The reps are understandable and most knowledgeable. They are also friendly and personable. They do not sound "pushed" or "rushed," either. They take their time to fulfill what you're calling about.

At my age of 81, my premium for 2016 Medigap coverage, Plan F, was less than $200 per month.

My 2017 premium will increase approximately $16/month for 2017, 2 percent because of age and 6 percent because of the SC Insurance Commission granting them that increase for 2017.

For 2016, I had no problem with Transamerica claims. My only calls to customer service have been for the 2017 rate information and to get a statement of premiums paid for 2016 to use for WageWorks claims.

I hold no interest in Transamerica. I've just found them to be a superior provider.

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