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Accolades from our members

Some Comments from our Members

December 7, 2008, from North Augusta, SC

(A Christmas Greeting)
Subject: [bod] Thanks

Thank you for all your assistance with the SRS Retiree Association.

We pray that God will bless you and the retiree team.

Doug and Dee Adkins
Retired in 1993, and 2000, respectively

October 7, 2008, from Luray, VA

Subject: [bod] Thanks

My wife recently had a mastectomy due to a cancerous lump in her left breast. Now that all the dust has settled, we have not had a significant personal outlay of funds. Just wanted to write the Board and thank you for your efforts to maintain our benefits. Living here in Luray Virginia, 500 miles away, it is comforting to know that I have advocates there in SC helping to maintain the benefits we were promised during our employment at SRP. The newsletter is very informative and I appreciate the dedication of those who give of their time and talents to make life easier for us in our retirement.

Sam McNeely
Retired in 1993

June 3, 2007, from Aiken, SC

" RE: SRSRA Volume 33 Newsletter - May 2007.

"Excellent, Excellent, Excellent newsletter. Thank you and the other active retirees for your service to our organization. I am extremely thankful for the SRSRA and I’m proud to be associated with such a conscientious and dedicated group of individuals.


Dec. 16, 2006, from Las Vegas, NV

" Thank you for the Dec,2006 SRSRA Newsletter.

"As usual,the newsletter was informative,and keeps retirees up to date with information that affects our pension,medical,and other important material that affects our retiree BENEFITS!!


"PS: Info on Identity Theft was particulary interesting."

Nov. 2, 2005, from Barnwell, SC

BCBS had denied reimbursement for a member's $20,000 hospital bill.

Following our advice and recommendations, the member was not held liable for the bill and the hospital marked the bill, "Paid in Full."

Sept. 7, 2005, from Columbia, SC

" Dear Bob & Pat Stokes,

"I just finished the SRSRA Newsletter, Vol. 26, August 2005, and want to thank you and the Chairman, Officers, and Board members for the excellent job you have been doing for the SRS retirees.

"I always read every word of every issue and feel totally informed of every detail affecting the Site, the retirees, the future, the present, and cautionary notations of what may be coming.

"Your dedication, and the obvious time, effort and personal sacrifice are obviously amazing.

" Thank you, and may God Bless you -- for you are looking after all of us."

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