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Long-Term Care Insurance

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(Contributed by John Church, 12/12/2013)
Long-Term Care Insurance is something that we never considered when we were younger, even though we had auto, home-owner’s, and life insurance policies. I can tell you that if you have it, and you need it, it is a tremendous help, both financially and emotionally.

Frankly, I hate to deal with insurance agents, but one of the agents I dealt with was extremely knowledgeable and helpful in sorting through the choices of options, etc. At that time he worked with one particular company, and I bought a policy from them following the agent’s recommendations.

Since that time, the agent has become affiliated with ACSIA® Long Term Care, Inc., the largest brokerage firm for long-term care insurance specialists in the country and represents major providers of long-term care insurance; viz., Genworth Financial, Guarantee Trust Life, John Hancock Life Insurance Company, LifeSecure Insurance Company, Med America, Mutual of Omaha, Transamerica Life Insurance, and United Secure Assurance.

The website for ACSIA® Long Term Care, Inc is http://www.acsia.com  This site has many other links to information about all aspects of LTC insurance, including current daily expenses for nursing homes, assisted living, and in-home care.

If you are interested, the agent I was so impressed with is Garry Ash in Lexington, SC. His email address is garry.ash@acsialtc.com.

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