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For the benefit of the SRSRA membership, this section is a place for members to add their own experiences regarding things such as medical benefits, insurance, etc., and to provide suggestions that may be helpful to other members facing the same problems.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT THESE COMMENTS ARE NOT RECOMMENDATIONS BY THE SRSRA. Nor should they be interpreted as recommendations by an individual member.

Rather, they are the reported experiences of our members who have taken the time to share their good or bad experiences with the hope that it will be of benefit to our other members.

It is also important to note that the SRSRA Board of Directors has not personally verified these statements made by SRSRA members. The material here is presented verbatim as submitted by its members.

Items may be submitted only by a member of the SRS Retiree Association.  Submissions will not be edited by SRSRA before posting.  Submissions containing profanity or personal attacks will not be posted.  If there is an issue about the factual nature of the submission, the submission will not be posted until the issue is resolved.   If a posted submission is found to contain an error in fact, it will be removed and returned to the submitter for revision.

Questions specific to the posted messages should be directed to the submitter, whose email contact information will be included with the posting.

These experiences and suggestions are grouped by topic.  Click on the links below to go to specific topics.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Medicare Part D Insurance Plans for those over 65

Experiences with Medigap Providers

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