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The Center is a partnership between the Lower Savannah Council of Governments (LSCOG) and the SRS Retiree Association (SRSRA). The LSCOG provides seniors with information on aging and disability resources and assistance with Medicare and transportation options.   

The SRSRA provides assistance to SRS retirees in accessing their healthcare benefits and medical stipend reimbursements.

Watch this video explaining how the SRSRA Resource Center can help you, the SRS Retiree, to make sense of your enrollment in Medicare plans and to select the plan that is best for YOU and your circumstances.  (If you would like to view the video full-screen, start the video below, and then click on the video control at the bottom of the video window.)

SRSRA Resource Center video  


The Resource Center provides information to help you make informed decisions about ongoing plan, coverage, and stipend issues.  They will call MMA,  WageWorks, and other providers with you present to help you work through problems.  They will help you register for provider websites online to secure information you need for reimbursements and coverage questions, and plan selections. They will submit reimbursement information to WageWorks, again with you present, and help you set up automated payments when possible.

They are also able to provide certain information about Pension and SIP Savings Plan questions.  They have Medicare experts available in the COG building.  The SRS Resource Center does not work for SRNS, but it will work with SRNS with you.  The Center does not sell insurance plans nor are they licensed to advise you about insurance plan selection.  They can help you, however, to secure information needed to make informed decisions, and suggest questions you may want to ask providers.  These services are free to you.

"Aging-In to Medicare" Training Sessions

The SRSRA Resource Center holds a three hour “Aging-In to Medicare” training session (9 AM to Noon) on the second Tuesday of each month at the Resource Center.  The session provides an overview of the transition from the SRS site medical plan to the post-65 Retiree Medical Plan.  The session introduces a Retiree to Medicare, Healthcare Options, the Companies the Retiree will deal with (RightOpt and WageWorks) and the Retiree Healthcare Stipend.  The session will describe the sequence of events and the actions the Retiree must take to transition to the post-65 Retiree Medical Plan and the Lessons Learned to date.

To register for a training session, please call the SRSRA Resource Center at 803-508-7033 or 866-845-1550, then press option 7 at the menu prompt.  Please leave a message with your name, telephone number and the session you wish to attend.  You will receive confirmation in 24-48 hours.


The Center is open from 9 AM to 4 PM, and you can call, email or drop by to make an appointment.   Call us at:
Aiken  (803) 508-7033
Toll Free   (866) 845-1550   When connected, press #7 from the voicemail selection.
The site is staffed by volunteers and when they are meeting with clients, the phone will go to voicemail. 

If you have computer access, you may find it easier to send an email appointment request to the Resource Center at SRSRA@LSCOG.ORG, with your name, your telephone number or email address, your issues, and a suggested appointment date showing your preference of morning or afternoon.  The Center can set up telephone appointments, and is planning to be able to offer limited homebound services in the future.


The SRSRA Resource Center is located in the LSCOG Office Building on 2748 Wagener Road (Route 302 and Route 4) in Aiken.  As you leave Aiken, the LSCOG building is immediately after you pass the AGY Fiberglass Plant, on the same side of the road (Right side as you leave Aiken), and it is across from Aiken Pest Control.  If you go too far, you will pass the Montmorenci Water District, and then the Aiken Electric Co‑op Building so you must turn around.

Information Card

When you near the time to sign up for Medicare, you should receive a card with information about the SRS Resource Center.  For a copy of that card CLICK HERE.  (Of course, this download card announced the opening date of the Resource Center, and your card will be slightly different.)

(Note: the card is double-sided, so the file you will get here is two pages: the front and back of the card.)

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