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SIP (Savings & Investment Plan)

Savings and Investment Plan (SIP)

The information below was provided by SRS.

Note: This, plus additional up-to-date, information is also available from the SRS Benefits website (click here) under the SIP tab.

SRS has changed SIP 401(k) Record Keepers from Hewitt to Mercer.  A mass paper mailing of this Guide was sent by SRS to all SIP participants.

There are four (4) documents, all pdf files, that relate to the change to the new SIP Record Keeper and Trustee that took place on August 2, 2010.

The first document provides questions and answers to issues related to the SIP record keeper transition from Hewitt to Mercer.  Get this document by clicking on this link: SIP Changes -- Q&A

The second document is a User's Guide that tells how to register for, and use, the new SIP website.  Get this document by clicking on this link: SIP Online Access User's Guide

The third document is an Education Guide that explains why and how to invest in the SIP, how to select your investments in it, etc.  Get this document by clicking on this link: SIP Education Guide

The fourth document explains the limitations on how often you can make changes in your investment allocations.  For example, addressing the problem of excessive trading, the document states that "... participants will be advised that two 'round trips' in a single investment fund within any 90-day period will be considered excessive exchange activity."  Get this document by clicking on this link: SIP Excessive Trading Procedures

Note: Share class changes to several of the investments in the SIP line-up resulted in comparable or lower management fees. ¬†However, the fund objectives for the investments did not change.  A letter explaining these changes was mailed to all SIP participants in mid-September, 2010.  A copy of that letter can be downloaded by clicking on this link: SIP Share Class Changes

*NEW* Effective April 1, 2011, there are important changes to the investment lineup in the SIP.  A letter from SRS explaining these changes will be mailed to all SIP participants , and you can also click on the following link to read about these changes: SIP Investment Option Changes

You can call the SRNS Service Center (intended to be the first contact for most HR questions):

             (803) 725-7772 (Local Area SC, GA),
        or  (800) 368‑7333 (Toll-Free long distance)

for up-to-date information about your SIP account.

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