Members of this SRSRA Corporation shall be limited to persons (excluding employees of the U.S. Department of Energy) who have been employed at or in direct association with the Savannah River Site (or the Savannah River Plant/Savannah River Laboratory as it was previously known) for at least five years and who have since retired from any such employment, as well as their spouses. However, the primary focus of the SRSRA Corporation shall be to provide service to participants in the Westinghouse Savannah River Company-Bechtel Savannah River Incorporated retirement plan or in the successor plan, currently called the “Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, LLC Multiple Employer Pension Plan.

Annual dues for the Association are $25/year for a retiree, (there is no charge for retirees w are spouses of members).  For surviving spouses of retirees, annual dues are $5. Dues may be paid up to 3 years (current plus 2 future years).