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"The mission of the SRS Retiree Association is to maintain the pensions and benefits given at the time of retirement, and to support current and future missions of the Savannah River Site."

- Approved by the Board of Directors, March 3, 1998.

As we revise the website, we will post the latest info on this Home Page. Please also visit our SRSRA Facebook page where new info will also be made available.    


SRS Retirees Medical & Dental Benefits have CHANGED !
Join Now to Help Us Protect YOU.

With more than 1500 members, the SRS Retiree Association is the largest retiree association in the State of South Carolina. NUMBERS DO COUNT! CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW, if you are not already a member.

Contact the Membership Committee Chair by telephone, (803) 279‑9570, E‑Mail, or click on the "Membership" link in the navigation strip on the left‑hand side of this page for an application form.

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Representatives from the SRSRA Board met with SRNS management to discuss the next steps for those retirees on Medicare -- specifically how WageWorks will be implemented.  he WageWorks Welcome Kit has three parts (i.e., three pdf files), and you can access them by clicking on the following three links:
Quick Start Guide


Reimbursable Expenses
This information was mailed to those receiving the stipend on December 17th.  Please note that there will be no reimbursement until after January 1, 2013, so the initial payment must be made be you.  (You can apply to be reimbursed starting on January 2, 2013.)  The Board will be monitoring the implementation and will advise, as needed, just as we have with MyMedicareAdvocate.

Meetings were held at several locations in the CSRA to inform retirees how the Retiree Reimbursement Accounts (RRA) would be implemented, and what documentation is required, either for reimbursements, or for payments to providers.   Click here to download a pdf file of the slides used in the Wage Works presentation.

NOTE: There are still two days of these meetings in Barnwell, SC, that you can attend.   These meetings will be held in the Merge Auditorium (behind First Baptist Church), 161 Allen Street, Barnwell, SC, on Wednesday, February 27, at 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.; and on Thursday, February 28, at 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Please continue to check this SRSRA website.   We will be posting further information as we get it about either MyMedicareAdvocate or WageWorks.

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IMPORTANT app - "HelpBridge"

Most Americans are living in places at risk from natural disasters.  Many of you, or your families, live in coastal areas.  Almost all of us live in or near areas subject to flooding.  In the CSRA, we could potentially feel the effects of an earthquake.  

Microsoft has made available an important new application for smartphones and tablets - HelpBridge.  The app makes it easy to connect with friends and family during a large-scale disaster, such as an earthquake or a hurricane.  It also enables users to identify their needs; or to give time, money, or resources to support relief and rebuilding efforts.  

The app is available for iOS (Apple), Android, and Windows Phone users.  If you or your children use smart phones, we urge you to download this very important - and free! - app.

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Use the links on the left-hand side of this window to navigate to the items of interest to you.  (Note: Let your cursor hover on a link for a moment and a small dialog window will give a little more information about the topics covered in that linked page.)

Browse through the entire website to become familiar with all it offers. If you think of information you need regularly and it is not here, please click here to send an email to the SRSRA webmaster and explain your needs.

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The SRS Retiree Association, Inc. was formed January, 1998, to address issues of particular concern to retirees of the Savannah River Site. All WSRC and BSRI retirees are welcome to attend our Board of Directors meetings. The location and time of these meetings is posted on the Calendar of Events page.

If you wish to be involved as a member of the Board, please contact a member of the Membership Committee (send an email to: membership@srsretirees.org). You can also indicate on the membership form (click here or on the "Membership" link on the left hand side of this page) your desire to serve on the Board.

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